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Changing of Colours

October 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

With the change of colours in the fall here along the Saint Lawrence River comes the cruise ships for their season ending trip up to Montreal. There are always a couple of them going up river for the popular fall cruise. Crystal Symphony is in Montreal for a day doing exactly that and I’m sure there will be more to come.

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Hatch Cover Tape And Marine Tape.

July 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Hatch Cover Tape, some reason to use Marine Tape.
Marine tape as it is also called is a product used mostly on bulk carriers. The hatch covers on these ships can sometimes be in bad shape, mostly due to poor rubber seals in the joints. It can also be damaged hatch coaming that simply prevents the rubber gasket from properly sealing the joint. It can also be other reasons like metal stress and shear force that are causing problems with the hatch covers. Large bulk carriers have been known to load a cargo and having difficulty closing the hatch covers afterwards.
So bottom line is that hatch cover tape might not only be used for the reason of leaking hatch cover but also as a preventative measure and insurance to keep the cargo inside in a dry and original condition as when it was loaded. In most cases, a very cheap insurance in comparison to the cargo it protects. So who pays for this expense of using hatch cover tape? It can be that the hatch cover tape is a requirement in the charter party and paid for by the charterer. It can also be that ship owner does not want anything to tarnish their reputation and this simple solution is a cheap way of adding great value to that whole process.
Telling your customer that you go the extra mile to make sure that the cargo is protected and transported in the best possible way and will arrive at the receiver in mint condition. After all it is not only the condition of the ship but also forces of nature during the voyage that can affect the condition of the cargo when it arrives at destination.

A point to always keep in mind, hatch cover tape can also fail. For that we have a previous article written about installation of hatch cover tape.
To end this little article here are two popular brands in North America.

Ram Nek Hatch Cover Tape.

Can Seal Hatch Cover Tape.

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Canada’s Great North is always getting very busy this time of the year.

June 24th, 2013 · No Comments

It’s “Sealift” time again. With summer and starting in June, Canada’s great north is getting busy receiving their “Sealift” shipments. This main service covering Nunavik and Nunavut is managed by Desgagnes Transarctik Inc. out of Ste-Catherine, Quebec. The ships providing the “Sealift” are from Desgagnes Transport in Quebec City. The service usually starts in June and goes until late October or whenever winter kicks in and conditions are no longer permitting the ships going this far north.
With this limited time window it is needless to say that it becomes busy. As much as possible of cargo is must be processed and shipped in this short period. Some communities have access to air and rail transport but most do not have any other means than sealift for receiving their sorely needed shipments. These shipments consist of anything that a community would need in order to maintain and exist as a community. It really comes down to survival. Winter in this area can be very hard and preparation is the key to survival. Most communities get two sealifts in the season but it could be that a third one would be required and it usually all get done before season close.
The cargo operation is all one with ship gear and barges. Most of the communities do not have sufficient dock space with a draft capable of accommodating these ships. The ship will be doing all cargo operations while at anchor. Loading the ships are all done while alongside the dock in Montreal so the demand for ship-gear is only for discharge up north.
The ships once leaving Montreal for the north will be gone for about one month. They will also have to prepare for time away from main stream civilisation. While they are away from Montreal and their regular suppliers the consumables onboard will have to be sufficient to sustain the crew onboard. Again planning becomes very important as many angles will have to be covered.

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